Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference

Lorena Angulo
The SNAG conference is coming up next week. The conference is titled "FLUX,"  and is in Seattle, WA, May 26 through 29, 2011.  I wish I could go, but I have something very important to do. My daughter is graduating from Pre-K that same day that the conference opens. I hope everyone that goes can tell me a little bit about the experience and take lots of pictures please. I will hopefully post some of your pictures here next week from all of you! Let me know where you have posted the pictures from SNAG and the Ring a Day show at Punch so that I can post them here!

Here are more of my favorite rings in the Ring a Day show at Punch Gallery at the SNAG conference. The RAD show is a "must see".

Kest Schwartzman (Vagabond Jewelry)

Ligia Rocha


Chris Irick

Monday, May 16, 2011

A big Thank you to Nina Dinoff

Nina Dinoff proposed the Ring a Day project to her metalsmithing friends late in 2009 and started it January 2010. She started the Ring a Day group on Flickr as the place to post our rings. She described the Ring a Day project as "an exercise in creative exploration. The rules are simple: create ring every day for the entire year of 2010 out of anything, no matter where you are." 

Thank you Nina for starting the Ring a Day project.
Here are some of my favorite rings of hers at Ring a Day show at Punch Gallery in Seattle. The show is part of the Society of North American Goldsmiths conference in Seattle May 26-29th.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More photos of the Ring a Day exhibition

Lovely photos of the Ring A Day exhibition at the Punch Gallery. Courtesy Andrea Ring, one of the artist featured in the show. Andrea is an art jeweler with a focus on found objects. She has fourteen rings included in the exhibition, playful rings made from paper, plastic animals, street signs, a toothbrush and more.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ring a Day Opening

Ring a Day opened last night!

No words can explain how excited I am to see these pictures! It looks amazing and only wish I could have been there to experience it! Congratulations to everyone!

Colleen Baran
Kathryn Cole
Shannon Conrad
Nina Gibson
Sara Westermarck

Ashley Akers 
Sabine Amtsberg 
Loren Angulo 
Maria Apostolou 
Erin Austin 
Meg Auth 
Angela Baduel-Crispin
Colleen Baran 
Inbar Barbaket 
Laurie Brown 
Kathleen Brughelli 
Maureen Brusa-Zappellini 
Catherine Chandler 
Kathryn Cole 
Kerry Alice Collins
Shannon Conrad 
Jennifer Culp 
Beth Cyr 
Casey Daurio 
Trudie Davies 
Lisa Dienst-Thomas 
Nina Dinoff 
Thomasin Durgin
Laura Flavin 
Renee Ford  
Nina Gibson 
Lynne Glazzard
Natalia Gomensoro 
Heather Goodwin
Lora Hart 
Sarah Hood 
Chris Irick 
Alice Istanbul 
Norsola Johnson
Sarah Loertscher  
Marthe Le Van 
Kate Jones
Maggie Joynt 
Evelyn Markasky 
Bill Martin 
Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria
Denise McCoy 
Alisa Miller 
Danielle Miller
Carrie Nunes 
Margaret O'Brien 
Marta Sanchez Oms
Paul Phillips 
Calan Ree
Kathryn Rierchert 
Andrea Ring
Lígia Rocha
Kathi Roussel 
Kest Schwartzman 
Ponsawan Silas 
Mike Stromberg 
Rachelle Stromberg
Victoria Takahashi 
Leslie Tinnaro 
Su Trindle 
Mary Lu Wason 
Emily Watson 
Sara Westermark
Dee Wilder
Jaqki Withycombe

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Opening Reception Tonight

Ring a Day at Punch Gallery Opens Today!

Ring a Day

65 artists. 
1 year. 
365 rings.

We are excited to announce the opening of the Ring a Day exhibit on May 5th at Punch Gallery in Seattle.
Opening Reception: 5 - 8pm

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ring a Day Retrospective

The Ring a Day (RAD) project started January 2010 as an open creative challenge for metalsmiths and other artists to create a Ring a Day for an entire year. The rings could be made of anything and creativity was encouraged. Admission was open to anyone who wanted to take the creative challenge. Each artist was to create a ring each day, photograph it, and post it to the Flickr group. Over the course of the year 16,000 pictures were posted in the Ring a Day Group on Flickr.
The Ring a Day
project, initially proposed
by artist Nina Dinoff, was intended as a challenge to set a daily routine of
Throughout the year the artists created a supportive and encouraging environment where processes and new materials could be explored. All types of rings were created from ones that took 5 minutes to many hours.  It became a part of our daily routine as artists to think outside of the box and create a new ring each day.

Ring a Day was an amazing experience for the artists that participated and lifelong friendships were created. My journey through Ring a Day was inspiring and will always be cherished.