Friday, November 26, 2010

Secret Santa Ring Swap

Rad 322 by Maria Apostolou

Maria Apostolou has been so kind as to organise a Secret Santa Ring Swap for RAD participants. Visit the thread on Flickr to read more and join in the fun! The deadline to join in is December 2nd.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sara's November RING A DAY Finds

Rings, rings and more rings. All I've been looking at for weeks are rings. Thousands of rings flash past my laptop screen a day. But I'm not tired of looking at rings yet. I have always loved rings and figure that I always will. The hands that create become the hands that are adorned.

Victoria Takahashi, Experimetal
Ring #315

For the past two weeks I have been curating rings for the May Exhibition with my fellow jurors, but tonight I wanted to take a moment to look at the rings that have created since we began our search.

Maria Apostolou
RAD #312 "Button Flower"

Seeing all these rings makes me wonder why I have always loved rings. Rings are personal--imbued with sentiment, emotion and memory. I am not as attached to my earrings or bracelets. Necklaces come close, but rings are my weakness. I don't wear many rings, but the three I wear are very special. Two I have made and are the only pieces that I keep for myself and the other is my wedding band commissioned from a local jeweler. Rings adorn my hands and my hands are my tools to create, make, and fabricate.

Shannon Conrad, rubygirl jewelry
"Ring #315"

Shapes draw me in and tell me a story of emotion, beauty and order. Sometimes I have a difficult time speaking about my work. Visual language is not always easily translated into verbal language. Shapes reference memories that are deep and submerged.

Mike Stromberg, Mike and Mary Jewelry
Ring a Day #308