Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Count down to day 365! Part 1

Day 358 Sterling Silver, Brass & Pearl 8...

What can I say, after a year working on RAD seeing the year end leaves me with mixed emotions. In some ways it's felt like ten years, in others only a few months. But regardless of how it feels there are only a few days left!

Rachelle Stromberg (of Mike&Mary) has been doing a count down and I can't wait to see day 1! Something about a countdown- always great. Here are her rings so far.

Day 359 Brass & Sterling Silver 7... Merry Christmas RADers!!

Day 360 Brass 6... sechs is what the ring says, 6 in german

Day 361 Copper & Sterling Silver 5...

Day 362 Sterling Silver, CZ and Pearl Today's 4 rings on yesterday's ring.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sara's December Tribute


Maria Apostolou

“RAD 353 Emerald Green” Copper, pottery shard

Evelyn Markasky

“RAD 353” form folded, copper, enamel

Lesley Tinnaro

“RAD 360” Red Blood Cell, copper


Marta Sanchez Oms

“RAD 159” Silver and Lapis

Lorena Angulo

“RAD 129” Secret Santa, pure silver

Mary Lu Wason

“RAD 350, 360, 361” Flat rings, brass, copper, aluminum, and silver


Aleksandra Micic

“RAD 254” plastic straw

Ponsawan Silas

“RAD 356” carved purple potato

Carrie Nunes

“RAD 204” leafy ring in the melting snow

Monday, December 20, 2010

EtsyMetal WOA Charm Necklace Sold!

Charm Necklace from EtsyMetal Work of Art (WOA) challenge.

EtsyMetal WOA Charm Necklace has sold and the proceeds have generously been donated to help fund the Ring a Day exhibition upcoming at the Punch Gallery in Seattle!

A big thank you to Marylouise Barros-Niska (Etsy name MLBN) for your purchase! I hope you enjoy the fabulous necklace!

And a deep thank you to the artists who generously donated your time and creativity to the project! Thank you Kathryn Cole, Inbar Bareket , Stacey Hansen (Wildflower Designs), Amanda Conley – (BijouGirl) , Andrea Ring – (AmuckDesign) , Kira Ferrer and Victoria Takahashi (Experimetal) !

It is much appreciated!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RAD – The En’light’enment at the End of the Tunnel

17 more days and I will have 365 rings. It’s as exciting as it is disturbing. RAD has made me so crazy that I often long for the day it will be done and I can take a break and not think about what kind of ring I will make today. And then I freak out because RAD has become like eating, if I stop I’ll surely die, ok a bit melodramatic, but I have become addicted and obsessed. What will life be like without RAD – I picture lonely, cold days, huddled under my blanket going through withdrawal… ok, I’m on a melodramatic theme; maybe a retrospective is due. I have made and seen made rings from flowers, paper and fire, conceptual rings of shadows

and seaweed, stone setting, wild stone setting,

food rings, and of course let’s not forget the dog poop rings. There has been symbolism and questioning (what about the space inside the ring?)
And I still believe that when #365 is done and posted the sun will shine brighter and enlightenment will settle in.

Pre-enlightenment I’ve achieved through RAD:

- Big projects are more fun to do with a group

- Complaining is ok, just keep going

- You have to wade through a lot of crap to get to the cream

- You do get to the cream if you keep going.

Check back on the 31st for the answers to the meaning of life!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Hanukkah

sixth night 3 (RAD 342/365 12/6/10)

A few days ago I was struck by the beauty of Kest's (Vagabond Jewelry) Ring a Day. The photo was striking. The candlelight against the window was moving. I almost felt as if I were there in the room. They were in celebration of Hanukkah.

seventh night2 (RAD 344/365 12/8/10)

When I asked her about her rings, she said "There's something about gathering around a fire- no matter how tiny- that feels very homey. I've meant to make myself a menorah for years, now -last year i stuck my candles in a baguette- and RAD seemed like as good an opportunity as any. After eight nights, I'll solder them all together and have something to remember this year by."

Happy Hanukkah!