Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RAD – The En’light’enment at the End of the Tunnel

17 more days and I will have 365 rings. It’s as exciting as it is disturbing. RAD has made me so crazy that I often long for the day it will be done and I can take a break and not think about what kind of ring I will make today. And then I freak out because RAD has become like eating, if I stop I’ll surely die, ok a bit melodramatic, but I have become addicted and obsessed. What will life be like without RAD – I picture lonely, cold days, huddled under my blanket going through withdrawal… ok, I’m on a melodramatic theme; maybe a retrospective is due. I have made and seen made rings from flowers, paper and fire, conceptual rings of shadows

and seaweed, stone setting, wild stone setting,

food rings, and of course let’s not forget the dog poop rings. There has been symbolism and questioning (what about the space inside the ring?)
And I still believe that when #365 is done and posted the sun will shine brighter and enlightenment will settle in.

Pre-enlightenment I’ve achieved through RAD:

- Big projects are more fun to do with a group

- Complaining is ok, just keep going

- You have to wade through a lot of crap to get to the cream

- You do get to the cream if you keep going.

Check back on the 31st for the answers to the meaning of life!

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