Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Count down to day 365! Part 1

Day 358 Sterling Silver, Brass & Pearl 8...

What can I say, after a year working on RAD seeing the year end leaves me with mixed emotions. In some ways it's felt like ten years, in others only a few months. But regardless of how it feels there are only a few days left!

Rachelle Stromberg (of Mike&Mary) has been doing a count down and I can't wait to see day 1! Something about a countdown- always great. Here are her rings so far.

Day 359 Brass & Sterling Silver 7... Merry Christmas RADers!!

Day 360 Brass 6... sechs is what the ring says, 6 in german

Day 361 Copper & Sterling Silver 5...

Day 362 Sterling Silver, CZ and Pearl Today's 4 rings on yesterday's ring.

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