Monday, December 20, 2010

EtsyMetal WOA Charm Necklace Sold!

Charm Necklace from EtsyMetal Work of Art (WOA) challenge.

EtsyMetal WOA Charm Necklace has sold and the proceeds have generously been donated to help fund the Ring a Day exhibition upcoming at the Punch Gallery in Seattle!

A big thank you to Marylouise Barros-Niska (Etsy name MLBN) for your purchase! I hope you enjoy the fabulous necklace!

And a deep thank you to the artists who generously donated your time and creativity to the project! Thank you Kathryn Cole, Inbar Bareket , Stacey Hansen (Wildflower Designs), Amanda Conley – (BijouGirl) , Andrea Ring – (AmuckDesign) , Kira Ferrer and Victoria Takahashi (Experimetal) !

It is much appreciated!

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