Monday, October 4, 2010

Charm Necklace from EtsyMetal WOA challenge

Charm Necklace from EtsyMetal Work of Art (WOA) challenge.

EtsyMetal makers have graciously offered to donate the proceeds of the sale of the EtsyMetal WOA Charm Necklace towards the RAD exhibition in Seattle.

As well as being lovely and supporting a good cause, it's a fabulous deal. Priced at $280 it's retail cost would be $380!

The artists below are the ones who've made this lovely necklace. Thank you all for your kind donation!

Read about the WOA Challenge and more about the necklace on Etsy.

Kathryn Cole- Sterling Silver, Oxidized

Inbar Bareket - Sterling Silver, Peridot, Etched
Also, EtsyMetal Team tag: Sterling Silver, Etched

Stacey Hansen - Wildflower Designs- Sterling Silver, Mexican Lace Agate

Amanda Conley – BijouGirl "Charmed, I'm sure"
Sterling Silver, 14 karat Gold

Andrea Ring – AmuckDesign Sterling Silver, recycled Stop Sign

Kira Ferrer This charm is Ferdinand the Bull.
Sterling Silver, Gemstone, Oxidized

Victoria Takahashi - Experimetal Who made both the Handmade Charm Holder: Sterling Silver, Oxidized
and a Charm: Sterling Silver, Pearl, Oxidized

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