Monday, September 13, 2010

Ring a Day Artist Interview: Andrea Ring (a.k.a Amuck Design)

The Ring a Day Project has been a long journey for most of the artists involved. It is emotional, exhausting, compelling, invigorating, and just plain hard. There are about 20 metalsmiths who are still making their ring daily. Andrea Ring of Amuck Design was kind enough to give us an interview.

Amuck Design, "Mini Citybird" RAD #33

SW: How did you hear about this project?
AD: I really don't remember exactly where I first read about the project, but I started on January 1st.

SW: What compelled you to participate and persist in this endeavor?

AD: Well, I don't make rings so thought this would be a great chance to work on something outside of my norm. I persist because once I say that I'll commit to something I follow through. Also, my husband would never let me hear the end of it if I quit (not to mention I would feel bad for giving up).

SW: How many rings have you made to date?

AD: Today is ring #231 [247 now]

Amuck Design, "Jolly King Roger" RAD #15

SW: What is your favorite ring that you made? Why did you like it?

AD: I haven't made my favorite yet. I'm pretty sure though that it will be ring #365! (i'm really getting tired of rings!!)

SW: What was your least favorite ring that you made and why?

AD: That's a tough one but maybe the cardboard paper roll ring with the hot pink duct tape. It was just kinda big and boring.

SW: How have you changed as an artist since you began this project?

AD: My speed has improved tremendously! I've mostly worked with cold-connections in the past so my soldering has improved as well. This has been such an inspiring year so far. I never felt like I had the time to play and experiment in the studio but this project has shown me that so many more ideas will come if you make time for that little bit of play.

Amuck Design, "Spacey" RAD #51

SW: Has your involvement in RAD affected your business?

AD: I am sooo behind in my inventory right now and I've got two big shows coming up. The Buyers Market of American Craft next week and the Plaza art fair one month from now. I've definitely had some silly rings this past month as I've been busy getting ready, and they will probably continue to be silly for another month.

SW: What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to participate?

My advice for anyone who would like to participate would be to have fun with it and not take it too seriously. Even the quickie rings that I've made from my kitchen drawer have some element that inspires me. For me the challenge is about a commitment to get in the studio every day even if I don't feel like it and do something creative. It's about trying new things and being inspired by materials that I might not have considered before.

Amuck Design, "Elephant" RAD #105

SW: Where can people buy your jewelry online?

AD: I have an etsy shop where my jewelry can be purchased online.

SW: What one idea or thing inspires you most in your work?

AD: I am inspired largely by color and fashion. A nice piece of graffitti is also very inspiring!

Amuck Design, "Victorian Skull" RAD #74

Thanks Andrea for taking the time to give us this interview especially on the eve of preparing a show for
The Buyers Market of American Craft!!!

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